Why Hello

Welcome to my blog!

I hope you enjoy reading about my exploits and adventures.  My mishaps and miracles.  My culinary triumphs and my not so culinary triumphs.  For now, how about I introduce myself.  Here’s the top 15 list of me.

1. I’ve been married to my hunk of a husband, The Professor, since 2009.  He’s not really a professor, but he acts like one, always puttering and studying and thinking.  More on that here.

2. I live in a medium-sized town in Oklahoma.  This development was quite a surprise to me.  Growing up in the bustling cities of San Diego and Dallas, and then living in Colorado, Holland and New Zealand between, I never would have pictured myself here.  And I never would have dreamed I’d love it so much.

3. I am a gregarious introvert.  I like people, I talk too much and I’m even good at public speaking, but give me some alone time or I might explode.  And that would be a mess to clean up.

4. I try to buy only grass-fed beef and organic foods from the dirty list so that The Prof and I aren’t exposed to all those nasty chemicals.  Oh, also I put three Sweet-N-Lows in my iced tea.  Yes, I am aware of the contradiction.  No, I am not willing to give up my awesome, chemical-laden tea.  It tastes like the tea at my grandma’s house.  I’m nostalgic like that.

5. I’m better at starting things than finishing.

6. I write.  I design.  During the day I do public relations for a university.  I also spend a lot of energy procrastinating and psyching myself out.

7. I’ve never met a plant I couldn’t kill.  The side of our house is a well-intentioned plant graveyard.  Oh the shame.

8. I love Jesus.  He loves me back, and that’s pretty darn amazing.

9. In 2006 I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance. Weeping and gnashing of teeth ensued. I’m okay with it now and even have a few tricks up my sleeve.

10. I love china – as in dishes – although I have no problem with the country either.  I have three sets of dishes and six white cake plates.  And I love them all with my whole heart.

11. I have two speeds: passport-wielding world traveler or cat-lady sofa dweller.

12. This year I turned 30. Gulp. In other news, my biological clock stopped going tick tock and started going gong gong.

13. I believe in Big Foot and I wish mermaids were real.

14. My sister is cooler than yours.

15. The Professor and I are parents to two cats.  Pippa is named after the Robert Browning poem.  She does not live up to her name as she is neither blithe nor encouraging, and she loves her window seat more than us.  Charlie is named for Charles Bingley from Pride and Prejudice.  He does live up to his name, existing in a state of perpetual, stupid happiness all day long.

So that’s me in a little quirky nutshell!  Thanks for reading my blog!


  1. What about my little ponies? They don’t make the list??

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