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Notice something new on Accidental Okie?  Or, heck, everything new?  Yes, the Accidental Okie redesign is complete!

My blog redesign comes after months and months of work, planning and coordination between me and my amazing website guy, Chris Krycho.  That’s a nice way to say that over the past few months, I’ve been Chris’ number one harasser, stalker and all-around nuisance.  I think he’s glad to have me out of his hair.

There are a lot of reasons I redesigned the site.  I’m now self hosted, which means I can have ads on my site.  It also means I have greater control over the design, customization, analytics and features.  And when I say I have greater control of the design, it means I send Chris an email and say, “What if we made this font different?”  Then he changes it because I know CSS about as well as I know Swahili.

The changes will help you, too!  You can now access Accidental Okie by typing www.theaccidentalokie.com or www.accidentalokie.com.  There are no longer hoops to jump through to post a comment – just your email address and your website if you want.  The fonts are easier to read, you can find related posts at the end of every article, and the two rows of headers make things easier to navigate.  You can also get printable versions of the recipes on the recipe posts.  (I’m not finished moving my recipes to the printable version, but I’m getting closer, so bear with me on that).

ao fb

Along with the site, I now have an Accidental Okie Facebook Fan Page.  Make sure to become a fan if you want to see new blog posts and read all my snarky thoughts on life.  And who doesn’t want that?

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One of my visions for Accidental Okie was for this to be a place to blog about all of my fun jobs in my stationery business.  Chris and I have just completed the Swoon Designs website as well, which you’ll find linked in the header and social media icons.  I wanted the two sites to be independent of each other, but also somewhat unified.  Chris and I came up with two sites that are different in form and function, but contain the same color schemes, fonts and overall aesthetic.  We’re very excited about the two sites together!

(Swoon Designs still has one major hiccup that we’re working to fix with the theme developers.  It doesn’t work on smart phones.  So if you click the link on your phone and you can’t get any of the menu items to work, we know.  It should be resolved soon.)

I hope you enjoy the new site.  Please contact me if you find any issues!


  1. Nah… I was happy to have a client who knows what she’s talking about – and has strong design opinions. It’s more fun that way! It’s always nice to wrap a project up, though.

  2. Love the blog re-design, Sarah, for Accidental Okie and Swoon! Really beautiful and intuitive. xx

    • Sarah Warren says:

      Thanks so much! We worked really hard on it. Now it is finally a worthy palett for a certain Antipodean’s prose…which will be up on the blog next week!

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