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As you probably know, my recipes are step-by-step with lots of photos.  Why?  Because I think step-by-step recipes are super useful and uniquely suited to the blogging medium.  Also, I hope that many gluten-free newbies read my blog and are less intimidated about jumping head first into the world of g.f. cooking.

But sometimes, I mess up.  It’s true.  I know you’re shocked.  Take a moment to sit down if you need to.

You see, sometimes I get everything set up to blog about a recipe.  I buy the ingredients, start the prep and take the pictures.  But somewhere along the way, I forget to continue taking pictures. Usually this happens if I’m making a meal for company, and I get rushed at the end.  Or my blood sugar is low and I’m on the dangerous tight rope between lightheaded and hangry (hunger-induced anger = hangry).  It’s a dangerous place, my friends.  Just ask The Professor.  He’s been caught in those crosshairs before.

This reminds me of a picture I saw on Facebook a few days ago.


Can I get an Amen?

So, anyways, my point.  I have a few awesome recipes whose photos just sort of unceremoniously ended before the recipe was finished.  They’re amazing recipes, but I wouldn’t normally blog about them because they’re missing some of the step-by-step pictures.

This was making me sad though.  Because, I mean, they’re some of my favorite recipes.  So I’ve decided to feature one of these recipes, and I’m letting you decide!  Right now, they are on the Island of Misfit Blog Posts, and you have the power to set one free!

Vote in the comments section by Friday, February 15th.  Whichever recipe wins will be featured on Accidental Okie!

Recipe 1: Roasted and Caramelized Vegetables with Sesame Seeds and Rosemary

One of my favorite exports from New Zealand.  Filling and economical and oh so good.

roasted veggies

Recipe 2: Quiche

There’s a secret ingredient.  Spoiler alert: it’s in this photo.


Recipe 3: Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Dates

The party food of kings…or of all my friends.  One of the two.

datesSo rock the vote.  Save a recipe!

Cast your vote for which one to save by Friday!  If you’re having trouble voting on the blog, vote on Facebook or my Twitter feed.


  1. I can relate. My problem is that I make up recipes, take photos along the way, eat my way through the meal humming and hah’ing at how great it is, then completely forget to write down what I put in it.

    I have a ton of food photos complete with good memories, but with no idea how I made it. So there you have it; hungry comes first ha

    Btw, that quiche looks too good to be true..!


    • Kristine,
      I completely relate! I cook so much by sight and smell and taste that the process of recipe blogging has been an exercise in discipline for me to actually write down what I did. I’ve found that taking pictures of my measurements is helpful! But you will also see that I don’t create baking recipes. I’ll leave that to the mad scientists of the g.f. world!

  2. number one. i need more roasted veggies in my life!

  3. #2 Quiche…looks great. But then so do all the others!

  4. They all look yummy, but I vote quiche.

  5. alyssaleone says:

    #1 Roasted Veggies, for sure! I need a good roasted veggies recipe.

  6. Rhonda...aka Mom says:

    Yes, Sarah….I know your “Hangry” very well. You turn in to a grouchy old lady!
    I will vote for the New Zealand Roasted Vegetables. I have tried to make them several times and they still never tastes like yours or Paula’s cooking.
    I am excited at seeing a step by step recipe of how to make it.
    It’s looking like you might have a tie between the veges and the chiche!
    Love you sweetie.

  7. I’d love to know about those dates! They look to die for.


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