How to Customize Your Budget Binder Printables

Customizable Budget Binder 10 | Accidental Okie

  I’ve had some requests to provide customizable options for my original Budget Binder Printables.  I’m honestly blushing. In just a few short months, my budget binder post has been seen by thousands and thousands of people. It’s on the top page of Google searches for budget binder printables and it’s all over Pinterest! I’m […]

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Experts Series: Infertility


Thank you for tuning in to the next installment of the Accidental Okie Expert Series.  Teressa’s expertise is in something not wished for by anyone: infertility.   I asked Teressa to write a post on how to talk to someone going through infertility – what to say, what to not say. What she sent me […]

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Campside Peach Pie with Cinnamon Whipped Cream, Two Ways

Accidental Okie Peach Pie Two Ways

Are you so excited about the first week of the Great Gluten-Free Campout! I know I am. I’m partnering with Better Batter and two other bloggers to present to you a four-week series on gluten-free campout cooking. We’ll be posting camping recipes every Tuesday for the next three weeks, so by the end, you will […]

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Get Your Camp On

skillet logo tablecloth (1)

I’m so excited about the coming month! I am partnering with Better Batter, one of my favorite brands of gluten-free flour, and several other bloggers for the first-ever Great Gluten-Free Campout. Camping is one of those final frontiers of a gluten-free life. Once diagnosed, we celiacs first shy away from restaurants and flour-centric dishes like cookies […]

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Pippa, Lady of Leisure

Accidental Okie Pippa Life 2

We got Pippa after Lucy, the greatest cat in the world, died at only a few months old. Pippa is named after a statue of a character in a poem called Pippa by Robert Browning. Pippa (the character) goes on a walk through the woods and encourages everyone. And I needed encouragement. Only Pippa (the cat), […]

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Experts Series: Fist-Pounding Poetry

james mcnamara

Welcome to the Accidental Okie Expert’s Series. Throughout this summer series, you will meet some of my friends who are vastly more interesting and knowledgeable than me. They’ll be sharing their areas of expertise, be it serious or lighthearted or just plain useful. First up is my friend James McNamara. James, or Jamie as we […]

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Getting Expertized

Wouldn’t life be boring if you were the most interesting, knowledgeable person around? Thankfully, I am not afflicted with such an existence. Being around people who have different giftings, talents, personalities and interests is one of my most favorite things. I hope it’s one of your favorite things too.  Tomorrow kicks off a new blog […]

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Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Accidental Okie hummus 15

This recipe needs to start with a public service announcement. Do not make this hummus if you want to continue your love of the store-bought stuff. Once you make this, no hummus will ever measure up. No matter the brand, it will all have a tart aftertaste and the unmistakable twang of prepackaged foods. You […]

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Weekly Meal Plan Organizer (And Free Printables)

Budget Dinner Plans 3

If you’ve been following my epic budgeting series, you’ll know this is step three in my journey. First, I had to sort through the emotional junk that comes with budgeting. Next, I created a beautiful and functional budget binder that I made available to you. Now, it’s time to tackle the grocery budget. The Professor […]

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Welcome Home

ao fb

Cha-cha-cha-changes! Notice something new on Accidental Okie?  Or, heck, everything new?  Yes, the Accidental Okie redesign is complete! My blog redesign comes after months and months of work, planning and coordination between me and my amazing website guy, Chris Krycho.  That’s a nice way to say that over the past few months, I’ve been Chris’ […]

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