The Time I Went Away


I went away for a year. I’ve decided I’m ready to tell you where I’ve been. It’s been a year. I can say that in so many ways. It’s been a year since I blogged, a year since I shared my recipes and stories and silly things. It’s been a year. Like, it’s been the […]

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A Few Things


1. Duck Dynasty Season 3 comes out on DVD in a few days. The beards. The river. The camo. Be still my heart. When I bought season 2 on its release day, the cashier asked me if it was for my husband. I thought about lying and saying yes, but I proudly said no. I […]

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Lemon Almond Blueberry Gluten-Free Pancakes

gluten free pancakes 13 | Accidental Okie

It is the last week of the Great Gluten-Free Campout. It’s been such a fun series and you’re now equipped with a bunch of great recipes! Make sure to check out all the other contributors of the Great Gluten-Free Campout! Breakfast: Me! Snacks and Sides: Macaroni Salad and Veggie Packets from Gluten Freedom and Loving It […]

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Shop ‘Til You Drop

Accidental Okie Shopping Spree 1

Last time I told you all about how I was one of two semi-finalists for a shopping spree at Sprouts Farmer’s Market. Although I didn’t win the big prize, I won a substantial gift card that paid for a lot of groceries for more than a month. My original plan for the gift card was […]

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Experts Series: How to Travel Alone…Even if You’re a Girl

accidental okie alex travel 6

It’s the next installment of my summer Experts Series featuring cooler, more interesting people than me. This week, I’m excited for you to meet Alex. Alex and I are pretty close. You’d be pretty good friends with her too because she’s just that great. Among Alex’s many talents is her persistence in keeping in touch […]

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Rick’s Cowboy Meatloaf

Cowboy Meatloaf 10 Accidental Okie

It is week three of the Great Gluten-Free Campout! I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far! From me, you’ve seen an advanced and beginner’s version of campout peach pie, and an amazingly easy loaded baked potato salad with a secret ingredient that might just blow your mind. Today, you get to see my main dish. […]

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The Time I Won A Shopping Spree

sarah sprouts

One day, I was closing up shop at work. I checked Facebook before shutting off my computer. That’s when I saw a call to enter an essay contest to be a part of a supermarket sweep at Sprouts Farmer’s Market for their grand opening in my town. I figured what the heck and entered the […]

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Experts Series: Paula’s Healthy Spaghetti Bolognese

Paula's Healthy Mince 20 - Accidental Okie

Paula is one of my favorite people in the whole world. She was my host mum when I lived in New Zealand. And since that first day when I stumbled into her house, travel worn and exhausted and she cooked a big baked chicken, we’ve been buddies. Now she’s more like my big sister or […]

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Confessions of a Blonde

sarah silly copy

I thought I’d compile a list of the stupidest things I’ve ever said. This is, of course, a condensed list. I’ve said way more stupid stuff than this. I have blonde hair. I can’t help the ditzy things that sometimes escape my lips. It’s not my fault, really. 1. Talking to a friend about music. […]

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Easy Loaded Baked Potato Salad

Loaded Baked Potato Salad 9 | Accidental Okie

Welcome to week two of the Great Gluten-Free Campout! Did you enjoy Week One? If you didn’t read Week One and now you’re sad or confused or feeling left out, have no fear. Read the Series Intro and then Week One, and then you’ll be in the club. You’ll soon receive your secret handshake and official […]

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