Meet the Professor

I think you should meet The Professor.  He is the bread to my butter and the beat to my heart and all that other cheesy stuff. I like him a little.

He has a real name and it’s not any big secret.  You might even know it.  The reason I don’t use it on the blog is that he is a high school teacher and I don’t want his students to be able to Google him and find my site.  It’s all about search engine de-optimization.

I asked him if he wanted to give a list of 10 things about himself.  He said no.  So I made the list instead, so it is from my perspective, which is way more fun anyways!

1. The Professor is not a real professor.  He’s a high school science teacher.  He loves to study and work problems and think about things like inertia.  All I know about inertia is that my car goes straighter the higher I go over the speed limit.

2. The Professor does not go over the speed limit.  Ever.  If I had driven behind him during the days I lived in Dallas, I would have honked at him.  And possibly driven around him and then cut him off.  What can I say?  I learned to drive in Dallas.

3. He is Oklahoma born and bred.  His roots run with red dirt.

4. Make no mistake about it, The Professor is the brains of this operation.  He’s smart.  WAY smart.

5. He looks just like George Reeves, the original Superman.  When he met my great aunts for the first time, they wouldn’t talk to him.  They’d just giggle and stammer like little school girls.  Have you ever seen a group of 80-year-old women giggle like school girls?  It’s a sight to behold.


6. The Professor is kind.  He never laughs at people or jokes at another’s expense.  He’s way nicer than me.

7. He has a heart for helping people.  In fact we met because he helped me move even though he didn’t know me.  (We actually met once before that but I didn’t notice him because A – he was dressed like a nerd and B – I liked another guy…Going back to the part where he’s nicer than me).

8. He puts ketchup on everything.  Once when he was a kid, he put it on ice cream.  That didn’t work out well.

9. He loves learning.  His eyes lit up when he realized he qualified for a tuition waiver to get his master’s degree…which he did in two years while teaching full time.  (see no. 4).

10. He has two brothers and two sisters in a family of very tall people, and is the best brother anyone could ask for.


  1. This post makes me happy.


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