Getting Expertized

Wouldn’t life be boring if you were the most interesting, knowledgeable person around?

Thankfully, I am not afflicted with such an existence.

Being around people who have different giftings, talents, personalities and interests is one of my most favorite things. I hope it’s one of your favorite things too. 

Tomorrow kicks off a new blog series that will run every Wednesday through the summer! During this series, aptly titled the Experts Series, we’ll be hearing from some friends of mine who are way cooler and infinitely more interesting than me. They’ll each be sharing something in which they have expertise.

Some posts will be serious. Some will be funny. Some might help you take a leap and do something you’ve always wanted to try.

So stay tuned every Wednesday this summer and get ready to be expertized.

Yes, expertized. Because my expertise is in making up words.


  1. “Expertized” should absolutely be a word! Looking forward to the series.

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