Bennett and Ella Kate

One of the best things about having my invitation and design business is getting the opportunity to bless special people and give of my time to help them in little ways.  An opportunity just came up last week.

A few weeks ago, my friend Jamie gave birth to her twins, Bennett and Ella Kate at just 26 weeks.  Jamie was having a perfect pregnancy, and the sudden, emergency C-Section wasn’t even on the radar.

Ella Kate has been a champ.  She is the Rocky Balboa of preemies.  Being at just about 28 weeks gestation, she’s still not out of the woods yet, but she’s doing well all things considering.

Little Bennett has had a rougher time.  He’s been through brain bleeds and abdominal surgeries, and his situation is still very serious.

Jamie and Zach are taking it day by day.  They’re drenched in prayer from people around the world.  They’re clinging to Christ and they’re trusting.

A mutual friend asked me to make these signs to go over their hospital beds to bring a little cheer and color to the hospital room, and to remind Jamie and Zach that with them stands a community in their little hospital room.  I’m sharing them with you all, too, so that you can be some of their pray-ers.

If you’d like, say a big prayer for these little ones.

Ella Kate

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