This is a story about a girl who longed for adventure and found it in the last place she was looking: Oklahoma.  It was never really the plan, but it was the greatest surprise. Welcome to my accidental adventures. 

I grew up in San Diego and Dallas and have lived in Colorado, Holland and New Zealand.

Passports, European jackets and scarves, big adventures.  That was my plan.  After finishing college and getting into a master’s degree program in Oklahoma,  I ventured north and vowed to hate everything about this state.   It was my patriotic duty as a Texan.  And a person of culture. And someone with common sense.

Sarah in New Zealand

During the semester between my coursework and thesis, I took a semester to live in New Zealand.  See, that’s me in New Zealand.  I like pictures of that stage of my life.  Not because of the scenery.  Not because of the fond memories.  Not because of the dear friends.  Why?  I’ll tell you.  I was skinnier then.

Then I came back to Oklahoma for my very last semester of grad school. I said a very serious prayer about not having any distractions for this last, thesis-writing semester.  The next day I met this guy and my plans changed.  For the better.  

sarah and the prof

That’s The Professor. He’s a high school science teacher. He’s the grounded to my flighty, the consistency to my impulse.  He completes me and in return, I make his life fun and exciting, and cook him yummy dinners.  

Oh, and his name is no secret.  You might even know it.  I don’t use it on the blog so his students who Google him don’t find my site.  That wouldn’t be very professional.  It’s all about search engine de-optimization.

sarah cooking

Sometime between the flurry of grad school and falling in love, I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, and in an instant, thousands of puzzle pieces from twelve years of health problems fit together.  

I had always enjoyed cooking, but now I cooked to heal my body, and I cooked out of necessity because it was long before there were shelves of gluten-free products at Target.  And a passing flirtation with cooking became a love affair.


The Professor and I got married a few years back.  I don’t think we even count as newlyweds anymore.  Every day is a new adventure, a new lesson in loving, in apologizing, in laughing and telling inside jokes, in forgiving.  Marriage is the greatest, most wonderful, hardest thing ever.

accidentalokie maternity

After five years of marriage, we welcomed our Dubs. And he’s perfect. This is us on our fifth wedding anniversary and 34 weeks pregnant.

accidental okie dubs

accidental okie baby 2

Sometimes I think he looks like a cartoon.

When I’m not blogging, I’m busy working as a marketing and communications professional in higher education, cooking, hanging with my family, or trying (and usually failing) to be super mom. 

I blog about a lot of things – gluten free cooking, design and random silly things. I also like to write about faith, life, mom stuff, birth, infertility and other serious things.

I used to own Swoon Designs, but am now officially retired. You can still find whispers of my designs around Accidental Okie in the form of free printables.

3 wedding rachel

Thanks for following me or making one of my recipes.  And thanks for joining in on my accidental adventures.